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03 October 2023

Our A.G.M. turned out to be a very energetic affair – and not because of anything contentious during it! The formalities were completed very smoothly and efficiently with very positive discussions and decisions made about the size of the group and subscription rates. The Minutes are available to members from the website.

Sharron and Lorraine outlined the theme for the Cathedral Christmas Tree. We had originally announced that the theme was simply ‘do your own thing’ but it had become clear that a little more guidance would be welcome to many of us. They produced samples as inspiration, including another use for our beloved Suffolk puffs. Julia has added a selection of beads to the Threads’ shop; they were eagerly poured over and purchased – no doubt some of them destined to provide sparkle in the Cathedral cloisters!

We turned our attention to what might have been one of our most unusual sessions at a Threads’ meeting – Jan Myers, a fully qualified and highly experienced physiotherapist led us through key points around maintaining our mobility and balance which are critical to ongoing health and confidence. We were eager to put some of these concepts into action and Jan soon had us balancing, bending and stretching, easing those tight necks and shoulders. We were even given homework – Jan very kindly provided notes on simple exercises that can be practised as we go about our daily routines. Look out for members standing on one leg as they peruse the library or washing their cups at forthcoming meetings!

While we were engaged in our physical exertions, Wendy and her ever-helpful husband, Tim, were laying out a delicious lunch. Home-made quiches, sandwiches and a lovely selection of cakes were enjoyed by all, and a lucky few had leftovers during the Workshop the following day.

The meeting continued into the afternoon, and members relaxed with their projects or simply chatted around the tables as Threads’ members love to do!